Samara is a videographer with credits in directing, writing and editing. The spine of Samara’s experience has been flourished with artists such as Boadi, Davina Oriakhi and Marco Caricola. She continues to plan future music videos amongst the RnB, jazz soul scene and on to directing her own short films. Samara has also composed corporate projects with names such as Design My Night, BYP Network, Camden Events and MBTN. 


Currently, Samara is freelancing as a camera trainee in hopes of achieving her dreams as a cinematographer and director within the indie film scene. Her style is a marriage of hard hitting realist stories, adopted by surrealist imagery.


Samara also has a collaborative production company that aims to use it's platform to champion the voices of POC, LGBTQIA+, disabled and minority protagonists in film. This is a directing/producing/writing collaboration between Samara & Amanda, established in 2014. From the spark of a lightbulb during the studying of BA Film in Middlesex University, to now developing a feature length script to debut their surrealist vision; Welcome, To The Throne.

Behind Her Scenes.

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